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Tell a story that inspires action.

What if you could clients coming back for more of your easily-digestible, engaging reports? How about a video that gets the public excited about your vision for the city, or your plan to clean up a life-sustaining watershed?

When it comes to today’s most pressing issues, too many organizations find themselves unable to frame their message so it clicks with the people who need to hear it most. They either lose their audience in impersonal statistics and uninspired visuals or swamp them with doom and gloom scenarios that breed anxiety—and ultimately avoidance.

Impactful communication starts with deep listening.

My priority is to transform your message into visual and verbal poetry that inspires your audience to act. To make that happen, I need a deep understanding of what you’re here to communicate and—more importantly—why.

People matter to me, which means you matter to me. Your thoughts, your concerns, and your vision matter to me. Your audience and their needs matter to me too. They’ll notice the difference.

Lock in prompt, high-quality deliverables designed for traction.

First, we’ll set up a call to pinpoint your pain points when it comes to getting your ideas felt and heard. We’ll build a strategy together to maximize your project’s reach and impact. We’ll clarify the personality and tone of the project so it grows into a natural extension of your (or your client’s) brand. We’ll laser in on who you want this information to reach and what matters to that audience. Once we’re on the same page, I’ll get to work, with plenty of chances for your feedback and input throughout the process.

As a rule, I sprinkle free-flowing creativity on top of solid design principles. This combination of playfulness and precision results in elevated deliverables that hit home for real people: your audience. The same rings true when I communicate. I’m here to help you connect with your audience, not lull them to sleep, weigh them down, or distract them with too much frill.

Non-profits: Flood your organization with the funding, public attention, or robust volunteer force you need to multiply the impact of your hard work.

Government consultants: Hit home for your clients with clear, results-driven communications and designs.

Let’s get to work.


“My go-to design partner. That’s Olivia. We wrestle with ideas together and she brings them to life. And somehow, she makes the process both super efficient and a whole lot of fun!” — Kristin Wolff, Social Policy Research (Portland, OR)

“I wanted to thank you for all your work on the Wake Bus Plan video. It has been a successful product for us and I appreciated all your patience with our team and their last minute changes. I hope that this next step in your career is successful. We will be in touch for future work!” — Principal at Nelson/Nygaard

“I can’t thank you enough for your availability, high quality work and can-do attitude in helping me figure out how to pull this whole thing off!” — Senior Associate at Nelson/Nygaard

Olivia Krishnaswami

A fun-loving lifelong Seattleite, Olivia Krishnaswami can be found long-boarding to the co-op, making artsy messes in her Columbia City apartment, or smoothing her dress after climbing out of the accordion of a King County bus at rush hour. The analytical and creative portions of her brain can be found volleying together for hours at a time.

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