Aloe by Olivia
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Olivia Krishnaswami’s latest project, Aloe by Olivia, seeks to bring more heart into marketing. Olivia produces creative marketing animated videos and illustrations fine tuned to reach your business goals and promote social good along the way. People, profit, planet.

Olivia Krishnaswami

Olivia Krishnaswami

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Hi! Olivia Krishnaswami here. I’m an motion designer, illustrator, entrepreneur, and yogi looking to bring more heart into business.

People, profit, planet. Creativity fine tuned for business goals and social good. Open for collaborations and freelance work.

If you need me, you can find me in Portland, OR roasting homemade garam masala, smelling flowers in the neighborhood, or zipping around on my bike.


Stay in touch on Instagram and LinkedIn or contact me directly at

Why Aloe?

Aloe Plant

Soothing. Refreshing. Uplifting. These are the goals of my work.