Aloe by Olivia
Motion Graphics & Design

Wake County Explainer Video

The goal of this video was to keep the public in Wake County, North Carolina appraised of improvements and changes in their regional public transit system.

The client came to me with a polished script and an idea they wanted to communicate to the public. I was responsible for aligning the visuals to communicate that message. The design process included walking through the script to visualize each concept, laying out story boards, illustrating icons and other elements for the video, sifting through and splicing together live b-roll footage, animating and polishing the video, incorporating client feedback along the way.

Video Editing and Motion: Olivia Krishnaswami (me)

Icons: GoForward, Nelson\Nygaard, Olivia Krishnaswami

Brand Guide, Script, Voice Over, B-Roll: GoForward, Nelson\Nygaard